Reasons Why Homework Should Not Be Banned

During school time, the one thing we dreaded about was homework. But now when you look back, you know it wasn’t that bad. Some kids hate their homework, while the rest are very particular about it. What do you think about the same? Let’s see why homework should not be banned.

  1. The environment of a home is much suitable than at school

    Some kids are at comfort doing their work when they are at home. The home environment is more productive than classrooms. All children cannot cope with the tensions in a classroom due to various factors like lack of time, noise, etc. This is why the home environment is more relaxed and productive where there is no stress, noise, competition, or any restrictions. You can learn better at your own pace where you feel peaceful and calm.

  2. Parents are involved in the studying process

    A necessity to check homework and help their children makes parents more active in their studying. In some cases, children may find some topics difficult to understand, which they may feel free to ask parents and clear their doubts. Parents are also encouraged to spend more time with their studies.

  3. Improves interaction between students and teachers

    Homework boosts interaction between students and teachers. Students approach their teachers in case of any doubts, which improves communication as well.

  4. It teaches responsibility

    Students don’t understand the efforts teachers put in to teach lessons and often misbehave in the class. When homework is provided, students learn to take responsibility for or their actions and learn punctuality.

  5. Completing homework enhances presentation skills

    Diligent students try their best to impress their teachers and put their homework. These skills play an important role in in in building your demonstration capabilities.

  6. Homework teaches life skills

    Assigning children to do their homework has a lot of meaning in it. Students learn to set their priorities, use time effectively, and learn more about self-discipline. This is good practice for the future and helps students improve in different aspects.

  7. It keeps students busy

    Assigning homework will keep students busy and engaged with studies. If teenagers have lots of leisure time, they may use it for some unwanted activities, hence keeping them busy work a long way.

  8. It is a solution against weakness

    Chapters not understood by students in class motivates them to understand the topic better and effectively at home. They can take their own time to understand the topic thoroughly.

  9. It teaches that ‘learning is a never-ending process.’

    Students should learn that studies are a never-ending process, and they should learn at home as well as at school. The way memory works is, the more you revise or study something, the easier it is to memorize and recollect. Generally, previously learned lessons could be easily forgotten due to a lack of revision.

To conclude, one cannot refute the fact that homework is a crucial part of school life. There should obviously be restrictions according to the age, but in any case, it is impossible to have a contemporary school without homework. Homework still remains as one of the most beneficial ways to improve and develop more skills and knowledge.

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