Advantages and Disadvantage of Homework

Homework has been a subject of debate since its inception, with researchers having opposing views on some key points. As a result, policies guiding the practice regarding the number of hours children should spend per night on homework differs from school to school. Also, individual teachers have their strategies in assigning home tasks.

Why is homework helpful?

Despite the diverse views about homework, everyone agrees that it has some benefits and can help students. Below are a few benefits

  • Reinforce learning

Doing homework is one of the best ways for students to reinforce learning. They use the opportunity to review topics and study materials used in class for the day. As they keep on practicing and reading the information sticks and become easy to remember. When students are unable to complete their homework, it helps the teacher know where they need help and the approach to take. Such children can be given more attention and personalized works.

  • Application of Knowledge

One of the importance of learning is to apply the knowledge you’ve acquired in solving life problems. This is one thing homework does; it helps teachers to determine whether students understood what was thought in class. The results obtained after marking can help the teacher decide whether to go over the topic again or move on.

  • Working Independently

Doing homework allows students to learn independently and at their own pace. After classroom lessons, a child may have to go over what was thought in class for better understanding. Home tasks allow a child to do this within their preferred time and at a convenient pace. When children learn independently, it builds them up for the future regarding decisions taking and their career.

When is homework harmful?

One of the staunch critic of homework, Alfie Kohn, who authored The Homework Myth, says the practice is a source of exhaustion, frustration, and chaos at home. According to him, it prevents children from pursuing other life activities and additional interest. In the extreme, it can cause kids to lose interest in learning.

Kohn insists that no studies have proven the effectiveness of homework and whether it has any advantages for elementary kids. He says that the practice is all pain and no gain at such level. Kohn also believes assignment does not promote self-discipline, independence, and work habits, as suggested by proponents of the act.

What to do when homework becomes overwhelming

Homework can sometimes be overwhelming, and when such is identified, parents have a role to play. The following is what to do as a parent when you realize your child is stressed with homework.

  • Consult the homework policy

There are rules and guidelines regarding take-home assignments, and it stipulates how much homework kids can do at any level. When you identify homework is causing stress in your kid, check the amount of work he/she does, and compare it to the district guidelines. If you realize the tasks exceeds the allowed time, report to appropriate quarters.

  • Check the quality of work

Some teachers assign work just for its sake without considering its quality and whether it’s even relevant. If you realize the work assigned to your kid is not of quality, speak up.

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