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If you can't find a school in the Twin Cities that you want to enroll at, it's possible you could find either an online option or find one outside the state. Online schools do a good job in some fields of study such as information technology and business. For example, you can check out online schools that offer accounting degrees entirely through online classes.

Nursing is another field that doesn't really work too well with web-based courses. Many nursing skills need to be taught and learned hands-on with a teacher, students, and the necessary training and teaching aids.

But if you want to get out of the state and get the traditional college experience of living in a dorm and all that goes with it, you have 50 states to choose from. While there are a lot of options in the Big Ten schools or along the upper East Coast, every state has something to offer.

You could stay in the Midwest and attend school in Ohio. Ohio has quite a few good college choices which sometime gets overlooked. Take a quick look at schools in Cleveland and other Ohio cities.

What about Nevada? Going to college in Las Vegas would certainly be different, especially for most of us who grew up here in Minnesota.

And what about Washington State? While most of the colleges in Washington are in Seattle, a few other cities offer a good college experience too. And if you want a technology career, there is no better city to start in than Seattle, San Jose or San Francisco. Read about Washington state colleges.

Or you can do something really different and attend college up in Canada. Canada has some great universities. Think about attending college in Canada.

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