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Enrolling at a four-year university is still the overall best choice for a student about to graduate from a Minnesota high school. While having a bachelor's degree in arts or sciences isn't exactly the golden ticket it once was, if you don't have at least a bachelor's degree, you won't even be considered for many positions and careers. Click here to start considering your undergraduate degree options.

As far as specific majors are considered, business is still a popular option. Once you're admitted to the business school at your university, you will be able to choose your major. You can major in management, accounting, marketing, finance or business administration, and some schools will have even more choices. See more choices with business majors.

Business majors are still one of the biggest groups of majors at most colleges. And it's easy to understand why.

A lot of companies are looking for new graduates with business degrees. Plus, because there are different areas of business to specialize in, students can often find a specialty they like. There's been a lot written about business degrees, you can start here.

Management degrees are not one of the most popular business training areas, but the skills and techniques that management majors learn are so valuable to the success of people as they grow into management positions. Professionals are often asked about which classes they wish they would have taken in college, and classes having to do with managing, leading and working with co-workers is typically one of the top courses cited. That is one reason why many working managers go back to school to take classes in this area. www.ManagementTrainingClasses.com talks about this more.

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