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Most of the colleges in Minnesota are either in the Twin Cities or just a short drive away. While there are some state colleges and community colleges scattered around in cities such as Duluth and Crookston, the choices for conventional campus schools are pretty few.

That's one of the reasons why many Minnesota residents in the regions outside of Minneapolis and St Paul are enrolling in online classes. Online courses allow students who don't have a local campus they can drive to, still take college-level coursework. They can decide to take just a few classes or they can work towards earning a degree. If this sounds like a good fit for your situation, you can find out more about online schools.

Teaching is still a top major for a lot of students. Teaching allows graduates to work in topic areas that interest them, such as history, math or English, and teach them every day in the classroom. Other teachers are more interested in working with young kids. Teaching may be one field you could find out more about.

A field of study that is getting more popular each year is graphic design. Graphic artists develop all of the advertising, promotion, display and promotion media you see everyday. Good graphic designers make a decent salary, get to work with other talented people and enjoy a pretty good work situation. You can find out more about this opportunity as well.

Accounting is still a strong career field too. If you can graduate with an accounting degree and pass the CPA exam, you will have several employment options. Accounting isn't suited for most people, but it's a great fit for some. Learn more about accounting degrees.

If you like cars and working with your hands and don't think much about spending years sitting in college classrooms, perhaps the field of car mechanic is in your future. The whole operation of fixing and maintaining vehicles is getting more complex every year, and professional car mechanics are the only people who can do the job. Click here to see options for training as a mechanic.

And if the Minnesota winters are just too much for you, you can always consider going to college somewhere warmer like Florida or Texas. Both states have a lot of universities, you just have to pick which city is right for you. You can browse some schools in Texas.

Other school ideas to explore college classes in areas that include teaching, business administration, political science, and healthcare.
Minnesota online school together with various fine schooling options are now available.
Higher education preferences and several other solutions can make up sensible online university choices.

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