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Rochester Community and Technical College

• Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) is situated in Rochester, Minnesota.

• This university is part of the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities System.

• RCTC is the oldest community college in the State.

• It was established in 1915 by Charles Horace Mayo.

• The mission of the school is to offer a unified and comprehensive university and education center in Rochester.

• The school's vision is to offer access to a quality higher educational system with an environment of integrated academic partnerships.

• The Rochester Community & Technical College offers the following degrees:
1. Associate in Applied Science
2. Associate in Science
3. Associate in Arts
4. Associate in Fine Arts
5. Some certificate programs

• The RCTC has an approximate population of 7,500 students enrolled in credit courses and almost 3,000 students in noncredit courses.

• The school has over 125 programs. There are 70 technical programs and 300 online classes.

• RCTC also offers 10 sports including:
- Football
- Basketball (both men and women)
- Women's volleyball
- Wrestling
- Women's softball
- Golf (both men and women)
- Baseball
- Women's soccer

• This university was designed for students who wish to explore, develop and enhance their talents or skills. Everyone is welcome to apply.

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